pet prep day

After signing adoption papers yesterday, I spent today getting ready for the new kitty. Here he is, though I haven’t met him yet:


Here’s my bike loaded down with my Pet Pals purchases. I know, I probably didn’t need to buy all that stuff. Chalk it up to anxious new mom syndrome. Or maybe lonely spinster needing to spoil an animal syndrome. Don’t judge me too harshly. Just look in the eyes of that kitty…


Of course, I’m reading up on cat care. I found useful info on diet at and appealing accessories at

More updates to come! This blog may turn into a cat blog, at least for a while. Be forewarned.

P.S. I really have to give a shout out to the fantastically caring and hardworking staff of the Santa Cruz SPCA. That place is as frantically busy and constantly distracting as a publicly-funded daycare for 50 kids. The (reduced) staff is truckin’ on, regardless.

6 Responses to “pet prep day”

  1. teddY

    Hey Jessi! Dropping by Jeff’s blog so I thought it will be nice that I leave a comment :) it’s really, really sweet of you to adopt kittens – although I’m currently living away from home, whenever I return home for vacation I will definitely visit the little kittens I’ve unofficially adopted in my neighbourhood’s backlane. They are cared for by a household nearby but they allow the kittens to run about, so I got to care for them as well.

    Thanks for bringing so much joy for a kitten! It’ll be so delighted to know that you’ve gone such great lengths to make sure that it’ll have a comfy place to live in the future. Kudos to you for being such a caring owner – it kills me inside to read stories of how people mistreat, abuse and abandon their pets.

    Happy 2009!

    • Jessi

      Thanks Teddy! Certainly, I am determined to follow through on my commitment and be the best kitty parent I can be. But just like parents of humans, I do it for the high wages – love and kisses.

      Best wishes to all your feline friends.


  2. Jessi

    My sis asked what’s on the bike. Pet bed, plush-covered heating pad, litter box, litter, timeable food dispenser, food, collar, harness, leash, comb, brush, catnip, and a crinkly noise-making tunnel.

    I still need cat nail clippers, scratching stations, a video with animal sights and sounds, oh, and probably more string.

  3. Mom

    Hi, kittymom! You might add feathers to your list, to tie to the string, to pull along the floor, to give my grandkitty some chasing fun.
    By the way, how goes it? Is there a name yet?
    The place where I used to board the cats had a big aquarium in the middle of the room for entertainment – you might get a video of swimming fish.
    Hope you’re both having fun.

    • Jessi

      Dear Mom, thank you for the great suggestions. Ratty is his name, and I’m finding out that he’s indifferent to a lot of things – catnip, scratching boxes, feathers…but he always loves to play with string!

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