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Lewis Brancati

My nephew Lewis Salvatore Brancati was born March 27, 1996, and died September 20, 2017. I miss him a lot. Here are my notes from my remembrance of him for his memorial service: Jessi’s remembrance at Lewis’ memorial, October 2017 It’s hard to be here. But in doing this together, we are strengthening our picture… Read more »

Meet Donald McKayle and Remy Charlip

Fans of the Peppermint Tree and Sometime Anytime albums, it is my pleasure to introduce to you two of their creators. Donald McKayle is the singer on both albums, and Remy Charlip painted the cover art for Sometime Anytime. I hope you are as thrilled as I am that Donald’s daughter, Gaby McKayle, got in… Read more »

Starting over

Hello friends, acquaintances, and the world at large. I don’t really know what my website is any more, if I ever did. But I have decided, after a years-long hiatus, to post some personal updates. So to get the ball rolling… I lived in Santa Cruz, California from the early eighties until 2013, when I… Read more »

Custom search engines

Google has wormed its slimy tentacles into my life and I’m trying to chop some of them off. But I’m really fond of a few of those tentacles; sometimes they can be so handy. Case in point: custom search engines. I’ve got two on this website: a music search engine and a libraries and technology search engine I… Read more »