day after inauguration

I know everyone was excited about Inauguration Day. I caught a bit of the party down by the clock tower on my way home yesterday. Yes, there was dancing in the streets!

My mom, who witnessed both Truman’s and Kennedy’s inaugurations, asked for my thoughts and feelings about this momentous day. I didn’t really catch the fever. Don’t get me wrong: I am very, very glad Barack Obama is our president. It’s just that I’m not that big on ceremonies and speeches.

However, I was heartened this morning by some of the new administration’s first steps: ordering a four-month suspension on Gitmo trials, and suspending the Bush administration’s ~100 unfinished new regulations, pending review.

And there’s this good news:

The Israeli government says it’s withdrawn the last of its troops from the Gaza Strip. It’s widely speculated the move was timed to avoid the possibility of any criticism from President Obama after he took office.

Not a bad start. Mom (and other activists): please keep up the pressure on the new administration!

2 Responses to “day after inauguration”

  1. amy

    I LOVE Ratty! My politics must have rubbed off on him while I fostered him. I too was heartened about the suspension of Bush’s last Executive orders and the end (for now) of Israel bombing Gaza. I did not vote for Obama-I’m a Nader girl, but after some of Obama’s extremely disappointing cabinet picks, I’m thrilled that he is stepping up to the plate and doing some good stuff!
    I wish all people could be as politically conscious as Ratty!

    • Jessi

      That was actually me, Jessi, writing that blog post, but I believe Ratty influenced me strongly. ;-) Thanks for raising him right, Amy!

      I tried to get him appointed to the cabinet but I guess our country’s not ready for a feline in a position of power.