Real reasons for concern about Palin

Sarah Palin has generated a lot of critical noise. Let’s focus on the points we should be criticizing.

  1. She’s unscrupulous, greedy, and abusive of power.

    The problem is not that she’s “conservative.” The problem is that she’s not conservative in her use of power or natural resources to further any ends. (Google “Sarah Palin” and “oil drilling,” “Steven Silver,” “earmarks,” “bridge to nowhere,” “Walt Monegan.”)

  2. She’s a liar.

    The problem is not that her teenage daughter had a baby. The problem is that she fabricated complicated lies over an extended period of time, trying to keep that fact a secret. “It’s the cover up, stupid!” says Tapati, and she’s right. (Google “Sarah Palin” and “pregnancy,” “Bristol.”)

  3. She’s a fanatic.

    The problem is not her inexperience. The problem is that she gains no wisdom from the experiences she’s had. Can’t she admit that maybe it would have been a good idea for her daughter get some sex education and some contraceptives? Oh no, one couldn’t have a little annoyance like reality affect one’s views! Much better to lie (see #2).

Now, greed, corruption and denial are not exactly unknown in American politics. Moreover, scheming to hide a teenage pregnancy is not as bad as scheming to start a war. But do you really want to promote this Georgina Jr. to the national level?

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