Birthday week in my material world

Breathe by Nikki McClureI’ve had a very materialistic week.

My actual birthday was quite delightful. I woke up to a phone call from my mom. She lovingly sang me the birthday song. I had completely forgotten it was my birthday and would probably have started obsessing over my tasks for the day. Instead, the greetings kept rolling in all day, surrounding me with love and good wishes. I think I was on cloud 8; maybe not quite 9 but pretty close. Then I left work early and went shopping. I almost never go shopping. I got some cool clothes, this beautiful Nikkie McClure poster for the Pubs office, and a bunch of cards and valentiney stuff.

Love wheelI got a few of these wheels that teach you how to say “I love you” in 50 languages, including Pig Latin. In Java you would say “Aku tresna sliramu.” Seems like a mouthful to me; I wonder how often people say it to each other. Anyway, I love stuff like this.

Today I got really frustrated because I am still going to suffer more iPod Touch trials and tribulations. It was bad enough when my new Touch turned out to be defective. Then it took several phone calls and a long wait to finally get the special package to ship it back to Apple in. Now they send me email that says they “could not duplicate the problem” and are going to send it right back to me. I’m sorry, but how could they not duplicate the lack of ability to play any music or videos??* I doubt they even tried! I am bummed to get such poor customer service and double bummed that it’s Apple that’s the culprit. I am used to profoundly trusting Apple and now our relationship will never be the same.

Maybe some time in the future I will transcend these petty pleasures and sorrows. Not this week though.

I should mention that last week, my friend Anne had the best dance party ever. If I could go to a party like that every week, I could transcend anything. Dancing for 4 hours in the living room to disco and funk with your favorite goofy loveable friends is as good as it gets.

*The headphone jack can’t hold on to a plug; thus, no music or video playback.

4 Responses to “Birthday week in my material world”

  1. iLiThYa

    and I must say… THANK YOU!! for that beautiful poster that you brought into our office last week..very delightful thing to see every day and get inspire with…

  2. Jessi

    Glad you liked it too, Diana! If I ever put up something ugly, though, please tell me and don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings. ;-)

  3. Westi

    I’m *so* pleased that you had a wonderful birthday. I think you were pretty darn close to cloud 9–you were glowing! =)

  4. Lia

    Hi Jessi,
    Happy Birthday (belated). I have enjoyed your site. I think I pushed a wrong button some months ago (thus deleting instead of sending a lengthy note) Anyway, sending happy, Spring-time thoughts and love.