No evil ice cream cone for you, nephew

Evil IcecreamMy eleven-year-old nephew (I’ll call him L) found the designer toy store! I didn’t know it existed. It’s called Cardboard Spaceship. It is full of all things simultaneously cute and warped. He wanted everything in the store, I suspect, but strategically chose this relatively inexpensive item to ask for: an evil ice cream cone. We said no because he has so much stuff already we can’t imagine where he’d squish it into his room. Sorry, L! At least the store had lots of cool free stickers and postcards, and he got to collect several.

The DudsonsSo as a consolation, here’s a picture of said evil object, and also a set of toys I like by the guy who did Scary Girl (I recommend the comic you’ll find there).

After leaving Cardboard Spaceship, we hit the boardwalk arcade where L proceeded to invest many quarters, getting the longest play time for his two bits on the Super Mario pinball machine. If I find myself there again, I’ll head for Super Mario right away. Rewarding play, fun sounds, more time for your quarter than the average pinball game. This guy likes it too.

I have a secret hankering to try Dance Dance Revolution but can’t get anyone to join me.

3 Responses to “No evil ice cream cone for you, nephew”

  1. iLiThYa

    hej jessi,
    I think ur nephew´s discovery was pretty cool!
    I have seen some toys alike these ones before. think they are so cool! maybe it was the same or another brand that looks just like these.
    ohh and I went to check out that scary girl comic…i saw them all! like it a lot! very trippy…
    i like that kind of cartoons, very creative that aussie guy ahhh…