Music video of the week: Sara Tavares

I’ve decided to allow myself to post at least one music video per week. This one is real sweet. I love that there are people of all sizes, shapes, colors and ages dancing in this video. Sara is from Cape Verde.

4 Responses to “Music video of the week: Sara Tavares”

  1. mike

    Very cool, keep em’ coming! What language does she sing in?

    This is a pretty neat flash player, too.

  2. Jessi

    Thanks for the encouragement, more will be forthcoming!

    Ah yes, I should have said something about languages, as it’s fascinating. She sings in a mixture of Portuguese, Angolan, Crioulo and English!

    The video is from, where I learn about some wonderful artists.

  3. mike

    i just realized that im not subscribed to your comments feed.

    that problem has now been fixed!