Learn a language with podcasts

How great is this? All right, now anyone who has said they’d like to learn Spanish (or French, Russian, Chinese or Japanese) has no excuse. ¡Ándale! Learn a language with podcasts – Lifehacker

2 Responses to “Learn a language with podcasts”

  1. Juanman

    These podcasts are an excellent tool for Spanish (I can only vouch for the Spanish)but I expect the other languages will be equally as beneficial to the student.

    • Jessi

      Tienes la razon Juanman!

      Of course, a podcast is not enough in itself. Conversation with live human beings is indispensable. But podcasts are a great way to get more exposure and practice. And since you can listen to a podcast whenever it fits into your schedule, you might be more likely to actually do it.