How much digital media do YOU have?

Well, my Airport Express gave up the ghost, as I now know happens often. Oh well, I got a couple of good years of use. But I am so sad. No more streaming my tunes from computer to stereo…for a few days.

I bit the bullet and ordered a new one. While I was at it I ordered an Airport Base Station – the new one that does file sharing from any USB drive plugged into it. And of course, I had to order a NewerTech 500GB MiniStack drive for backing up ALL my files, while my 300GB LaCie will be delegated as the active music drive.

I currently have about 120GB of music, movies, and audiobooks. I feel self-indulgent in acquiring so much music, and that I should get a life, but then again being fatigued a lot of the time, music IS my life and keeps me from becoming bored and bitter. That’s how I justify spending all this dough. As if I needed an excuse…



It’ll be a while before the base station is shipped, but I promise I’ll post about it once I get my new setup working.

2 Responses to “How much digital media do YOU have?”

  1. mike

    with all of my ripped dvd’s, im pushing just over 100 GB of media. I’m looking forward to hearing how well the new airport works!

    oh, btw, any reason why you don’t publish your full articles to your RSS feed? I only get the headline and a few sentences.

  2. Jessi

    Ah, sorry. I thought I had some good reason for setting it to summary. Fixed.

    Amazing how the GB pile up, isn’t it? It’s the closest I may ever come to being a homeowner and filling up a garage.