Google Developer Day goodies

I almost forgot to mention that last week’s Cruzio outing to Google Developer Day was quite fun. There were free food, free t-shirts, free socks, free workshops, and of course the API’s and the API wizards at I know it’s all a bunch of bribes so we will happily assist Google in consolidating its domination of the Internet (and tomorrow the world) but I find myself easily corrupted, at least for the moment.

I’d been despairing that I wouldn’t be able to put news headlines on for a few years yet, and now they’re there! Or will be in a few hours.

Really, you didn’t need to be a programmer to enjoy the workshops and to get excited about the Google APIs. If you can copy and paste, you can spice up your blog with cool stuff.

For example, I added a video search bar to my posts about the Moscow Cats Theater and about Men Without Hats. Check it out!

I’m going to keep checking my fellow GDDers’ blogs for signs of googlification – eh, SuperG?

One Response to “Google Developer Day goodies”

  1. iLiThYa

    hey jessi this is really cool!

    it was definitively worth it that you attended to that conference or whatever event google did. love the way the video displays other videos like in a bar on a mac =)
    i don’t think that even in youtube you can do that, neat!