Jeez, it’s hard to believe a cartoon character in lights freaked out the Boston police department so badly that they decided it must be a terrorist bomb. Even the Mass. governor is making threatening remarks about siccing the state’s attorney general on those evil perpetrators of this dangerous hoax. Which by the way, wasn’t a hoax, it was an advertising campaign.

The guys who put up the signs didn’t freak out though. They stayed pretty cool under questioning by the media.

In some weird way, though I have no connection whatsoever with them, I feel proud of these guys. But what do you think? Grace under pressure? Not very hilarious comedians? Destructive pranksters? Dastardly terrorists in disguise? Give it up in the comments.

3 Responses to “Errorism”

  1. Jessi

    Well I have to admit it was clever of them to pick a topic to stick to. In case I’m ever hounded by a gaggle of reporters, I’ll remember that!