Butterflies are back!

Butterflies at Natural Bridges, by webminkThe monarchs are back in Santa Cruz.

Go stand under one of the eucalyptus trees at Natural Bridges State Beach and look up. Meditate on the butterfly’s beauty, its long journey, its short life span, and all that stuff. Good for the soul.

Thanks to webmink for the amazing photo.

3 Responses to “Butterflies are back!”

  1. mike

    hey jessi, so i ended up making it to the butterflys on New Years day after my picnic!

  2. Jessi

    Hooray for your and Em’s picnics! Now I need to visit them.

    Diana went and met a photographer who sent her a gorgeous photo, a bit like the one on this post. She learned that you should go around the middle of a sunny day so you can see the butterflies flying around, rather than in folded clumps.