Another googlish gewgaw: Jessibird music search

Okay, just oooone more post before sleepytime.

XalamI made a custom search engine for looking up music-related stuff but only showing results from Jessi’s very select sites. I love to look up obscure musical instruments, for example, like sackbut and xalam.

Give it a spin!

4 Responses to “Another googlish gewgaw: Jessibird music search”

  1. iLiThYa

    wow! your music search engine is really cool! jessi! i just tried it.
    i could never imagine you could be able to build a personal search engine like that.

  2. Jessi

    Hi Diana, I promise I’ll write up a little how-to on my blog so if you like, you can have Google bling on your blog too!

  3. Jessi

    Ouch, I seem to have lost the search page, maybe during an upgrade. I promise to recreate it soon.