Magic Green Dust for health

Green Vibrance

Slime, actually, once you mix it with liquid. I’m sorry I never tried it before; it is making a real dent in my fatigue. I had previously sworn by steamed dandelion greens, but this is even better. I doubt I could have gotten through my recent Christmas shopping/wrapping/shipping marathon without it.

You see, what with fatigue and all, I get a little behind schedule. Some of the gifts were late birthday presents that were due back in June or September! My family is very forgiving. Still, it’s a relief to be (momentarily) caught up.

There are lots of similar products and I’m sure most are equally good.

I mix it into my herb tea with a few drops of stevia for sweetening. I have to keep stirring as I drink to prevent the last few swallows from becoming complete sludge, but the mixture doesn’t taste bad at all.

Anyone else have a favorite supplement?

2 Responses to “Magic Green Dust for health”

  1. Colton Diaz

    i used Stevia extract as a sugar substitute because i am diabetic. Stevia is really sweeter than sucrose.-‘;

    • Jessi

      Don’t you love that you can get stevia in different flavors now? I’m hooked on SweetLeaf’s English Toffee flavor.