Orgone tonight!

Amber and I are gonna boogie down tonight to Orgone’s funk grooves. We’re getting 2009 off to the right start!

I just wish I had my earloves already.


Dang, but this band can jam! If a band is good enough they’ll get me through my 5 stages:

1. Feeling dorky

2. Not caring that I’m a dork

3. Getting my ya-ya’s out and working up a sweat

4. Feeling in the groove

5. So tired I might fall down any moment, but can’t stop moving either

The singer got soused but they were great anyhow. The ratio of dancers to nodders was higher than I usually see. Their longest piece was Funky Nassau. I thought they’d never stop jamming—and I didn’t want them to, either. They closed with the feel-good number “Do Your Thing” and we all left happy.