daydreamy fabrics

My favorite art is the touchable kind. I would rather visit a good fabric store than a famous museum, honest!

This post is a tribute to some old-fashioned fabric designed by Heather Ross. Heather started a business selling kids’ clothes made from her designs, but it didn’t take off, and she’s still selling off the last fabric remnants.

I stumbled across these pencils and erasers online, and felt a small but pure happiness. Maybe because both the subject and the style evoked some happy aspects of my childhood: well, school in general, which I loved, and drawing with pencils, which was so much more magical and powerful than smushing crayons around.


Then I saw these friendly mermaids and other swimmers, and I felt even happier. I would like to swim in this ocean for a while.


Well, these old fabrics are running out, and the small bits left are very expensive. But it turns out that Hart’s Fabric, a local store, is carrying her newer designs. I purchased these.

Just the octopi!


With all their fellow swimmers:


I have to admit I love Heather’s older, more primitive take on the mermaid scene better than the newer, slicker style, even though I like them both.


Hart’s Fabric

Repro Depot