Delayed iPod Touch gratification

My iPod Touch was delivered yesterday. At first I was so excited! Before you get all happy for/envious of me, though, it stopped working after a couple of hours. I’ll have to send it in for repair: the headphone jack is so loose that nothing will stay plugged in, and so I can’t play any music. Oh well. I’m also waiting to upgrade to Leopard (I’m waiting for SuperDuper!) so I’m in delayed gratification mode anyway.

Unfortunately, I spent an hour or two bookmarking all my favorite YouTube videos, and all those bookmarks will be lost when they reset the iPod, as I’m told they always do. I’ll have to redo them, wahh.

However, before it crapped out, I was able to send an email to Brian and ask how he’s doing up there in the cold(er) north. It may take a while to get fully up to speed on the tiny virtual keyboard, but I’m catching on.

The integration between apps is very good. For example, you can go from a contact to their address on the map, or vice versa – add a map location to a contact.

Since I’ve stopped using iCal and now rely on Remember The Milk, I also coughed up 25 bucks and signed up for Remember The Milk Pro so I could access their very nice iPhone/Touch interface.

Remember The Milk for iPhone/Touch