Rediscovering Buffy Sainte-Marie

Several albums of Buffy Sainte-Marie recently came my way, and I realized I’d forgotten her several years ago after getting rid of all my lps (no space) and that I’d simply forgotten about her. How very, very sad that I’ve been deprived all this time.

Now I’m reexperiencing how fiercely inspiring so many of her songs are. In fact, her life as a whole, as an activist, artist, educator and mother, is inspiring as well.

For the uninitiated, I actually suggest starting with her last album to date, Coincidence and Likely Stories. I also highly recommend It’s My Way, Little Wheel Spin and Spin, and Illuminations.

The other albums I’ve heard don’t appeal to me much. She recorded a few country albums with what I consider cheesy arrangements.

Go read up on her Web site, I guarantee you’ll be impressed and uplifted.

I think we could all use some inspiration these days. I like to believe, as Buffy sings, that we’re only getting started.

p.s. Follow-up: I just rented the video Up Where We Belong and loved it. Great powwow singers backing her up. And if you want to know why I love this woman’s outlook so much, just listen to her intro to Starwalker.

Here’s a little preview of Starwalker