National Geographic music podcasts and more

I want to spread the word about a few great music podcasts. They just give you a tiny taste – they’re both less than 15 minutes per episode – but they can really broaden and deepen your musical horizons.

Afropop Worldwide

World Music Profiles

and a video podcast –

World Music Spotlight

You usually get a short interview with the artist(s) as well as a taste of the music. Amadou & Mariam got two episodes: an interview and a fragment of a live concert.

I also enjoy Coverville and Morning Becomes Eclectic.

I recommend all these podcasts highly! And if you’re new to podcasts, you don’t need an iPod; you can play them on your computer. They’re just audio tracks.

By the way, my favorite non-musical podcasts are Ask Dr. Dawn, This American Life, Mac Geek Gab and Grammar Girl.

All can be found in the iTunes podcast directory.