Music videos: Richard X. Heyman

Richard X. Heyman: Basic GleeI was listening to my new favorite radio station the other day, WFMU, when a song came on that made my ears perk up and my feet start tapping and happy feelings percolate all through me. Quick, check the playlist – it’s Richard X. Heywho?

I didn’t hesitate to buy several albums and I’m assiduously lending them about to spread the joy. He’s insanely talented, playing almost all the instruments on his albums (except that his wife Nancy plays the bass), and writing purely good songs. Haven’t heard a clunker yet on the four albums I’ve acquired.

They call this stuff “power pop.” Folks, some of the lyrics are kinda sad, but this is happy music. I happen to think we can’t have too much of that, ever.

The videos below the fold aren’t from this decade but they’re worth checking out. Give ’em a try!

Can’t Keep Me From Talkin

Richard X. Heyman

Cornerstone (1998)

Falling Away (1991)