Music video: Men Without Hats

Been feeling too sad and serious? Let’s turn to some Canadians in the 80s, Men Without Hats. They have just the thing: The Safety Dance. This has to be one of the best music videos ever. My effusive thanks go to cdubble.

You can rate any videos on my blog; just click the stars under the video. Since someone else told me about this video, I’m gonna let myself rate it too. 5 stars!

Update: Darn, the video I originally embedded was pulled down from YouTube due to copyright claims. There’s another which you see below, but the visual quality is not as good. My apologies. How I wish I’d downloaded and saved the earlier one (look up TubeTV for Mac).

As compensation, I’ve added an extra treat below the video – more Men Without Hats videos, yay!

Men Without Hats: The Safety Dance

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