Lute and theorbo

I do adore lutes and theorbos and such. To introduce you to these instruments, so popular in Renaissance and Baroque times, I present you with three performances.

First, Catherine King’s lovely soprano backed by Jacob Heringman’s cool, calm lute.

Jacob Heringman and Catherine King:
Luis Milan El Maestro

Catherine King and Jacob Heringman: Luis Milan El Maestro

Next, Martin and Paul Berget duetting. Two lutes are sometimes better than one.

Martin and Paul Berget: Baroque Lute Duets

Martin and Paul Berget: Baroque Lute Duets

Last, and worth the wait, Swedish theorbo player and marvelous improviser Rolf Lislevand.

Rolf Lislevand: Chaconne by Robert Viseé

Check out the video after the jump.

Rolf Lislevand

You can hear a more recent Rolf Lislevand performance at NPR.