Grazi per l’occhiali

I think that’s how you say “Thanks for the glasses” in Italian, but I’m not sure. If I had a time machine I’d travel back to Northern Italy in the 13th century, track down the inventor (we don’t know who it was) and thank him or her profusely.

I just got my first, long-overdue glasses a couple of weeks ago. I’d forgotten what it’s like to see clearly. I’m quite nearsighted so I use them for biking and walking around, not for working in front of the computer, where I do fine without them.

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it intimidating when you go into any kind of store, and the salespeople ask you questions in jargon? Can’t they just read the prescription and take it from there without making me feel stupid? Plus, they didn’t even give me any orientation or brochure or anything to inform me on glasses care. They should have a brochure titled “Congratulations on your first glasses!” or something.

Perhaps I’ll consider getting bifocal glasses or contacts someday, but for now, these fill the bill beautifully.