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Ratty’s misadventure

I’m writing this post with adrenaline rushing through my system.

Ratty and I were having some mellow back yard time when suddenly a small tortoise-shell cat came up and yowled aggressively at him. Before I knew what was going on, he had broken his leash and both cats had scrambled into the yard behind our yard. I don’t even know if they went over, under or through the fence!

(Just in case you don’t want to read the following saga, he’s safe back home now. Read on for the stressful details.)

african pop from world circuit

I sure do owe the world a lot of blog posts. Someday soon I’ll write them! Meanwhile, I apologetically offer you this entrancing playlist from the World Circuit label.

I was already familiar with most of these artists, such as Toumani Diabaté, Orchestra Baobab, Buena Vista Social Club, Cheikh Lô, and Ali Farka Touré. But I can’t believe I didn’t know anything about Tony Allen! He was Fela Kuti’s drummer from ’68 to ’79 and helped found the Afrobeat movement. This list kicks off with the title track of his new album, Secret Agent.

daydreamy fabrics

My favorite art is the touchable kind. I would rather visit a good fabric store than a famous museum, honest!

This post is a tribute to some old-fashioned fabric designed by Heather Ross. Heather started a business selling kids’ clothes made from her designs, but it didn’t take off, and she’s still selling off the last fabric remnants.