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Custom search engines

Google has wormed its slimy tentacles into my life and I’m trying to chop some of them off. But I’m really fond of a few of those tentacles; sometimes they can be so handy. Case in point: custom search engines. I’ve got two on this website: a music search engine and a libraries and technology search engine I… Read more »

Libraries, Technology, and Information Privacy

Libraries and librarians have long been privacy advocates. As computer and Internet usage and online communications have grown both inside and outside libraries, privacy has become a more technical, complicated, and urgent subject–for libraries and for everyone. This is an annotated bibliography I wrote for class on Computers in Libraries.

Library catalog search plugins for your browser

This page offers OpenSearch plugins for KCLS, SPL, HCC, and HCC Primo catalogs/discovery layers. To add any of these search plugins to your browser, follow the instructions below. Please be advised that I am just experimenting, I don’t really know what I’m doing, and I can’t guarantee that these plugins will work at all. Thanks… Read more »