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The SEO Rapper

I’m sitting around thinking about my next WordPress post, and I remember I meant to tell you about Chuck Lewis quite a while ago. He calls himself the SEO Rapper. He actually covers a few topics related to online life. I love it when people make educational material entertaining! Here’s his goofy Design Coding Rap!

Lila Downs at the Rio

I immediately realized that my preconception of a sedate folkloric evening was all wrong and that it was a mistake to leave my earlove plugs at home. Whatever, that all fell by the wayside and I opened my eyes and ears wide to take in the new Lila. She opened with a woman-centric remake of Black Magic Woman, belting out “Don’t turn your back on me baby, I just might pick up my magic stick!” Recordings never really fully reveal a singer’s vocal power, so I hadn’t really expected that voice – a voice with enough wattage to light up the audience all the way to the back of the theater. We cheered wildly for that first number and all the rest.

earth day walk

I used earth day as an excuse to get up early and walk to work, instead of cycling. I noticed a huge lot full of wildflowers on the corner of Market and Water. Anyone notice it’s full of borage and poppies? For those who don’t know what borage is:

Creative Commons License photo credit: gardengrrrl