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Bye bye, hippies and tofu pie

The Grandview Street farmhouse is no more. The owner finally got a permit to build condos. We had a reunion and told stories of our co-op days and cried and wished we could torch the place instead of watching it get torn down. The last garlic and lemons I carted away were delicious.

Small beginnings

I first put up this journal. I had been working in childcare – at the same job – for fifteen years and was physically exhausted. Pushed by my physical complaints, pulled by the fascination of computers, and supported lovingly by friends, family and counselors, I quit my childcare job. I found work at Cruzio, an… Read more »

How I came to Santa Cruz

I first arrived in beautiful Santa Cruz, California in 1984, intending to get an undergraduate degree at UCSC. I had been more or less miserable up to this time, due to poor health and depression. I wasn’t able to handle university courses, but by the time I dropped out I was double-digging garden beds with… Read more »