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dandelion greensToday I had a visitation from the gourmet fairy, who helped me invent this peculiar dish.

YUM! I had it with some baked cod. Tastes like spring!

If you find dandelion greens too strong, you might try substituting spinach or …

Home again, jiggety jog

seattle-from-victoria-clipper-stationI'm back in town. Here's a view of Seattle from the Victoria Clipper station that I shot with my new camera. (Yes, I need more practice.) See below for more really bad vacation pics.

Going on vacation

Getting ready to pick up Alex at the airport. Sweet reunion! For two days that is. Then I’m up to Seattle for a week with family. Mom is taking me on a boat to Vancouver for a couple of days. …

I heart macs, macs heart me

Apple SE 30I have been missing my sweetie. That’s right, Alex is my sweetie now. He’s in NYC for 6 weeks and I am pining a bit.

Filled the void with ebay, got myself a Mac Plus and SE/30 too. They’ll just …