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daydreamy fabrics

My favorite art is the touchable kind. I would rather visit a good fabric store than a famous museum, honest! This post is a tribute to some old-fashioned fabric designed by Heather Ross. Heather started a business selling kids' clothes made from her designs, but it didn't take off, and she's still selling off the last fabric remnants.

Brazilian serenade for a beautiful morning

Because the rain stopped and the sun is shining and I have iTunes playing Luis Bonfá, I gotta share my favorite song and scene from the 1959 film Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus). The movie sets the ancient Greek love story of the musician Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice in Brazil during Carnaval. The music (samba, bossa nova) is outstanding. In this tranquil scene, Orpheus plays his guitar and sings so sweetly that the children, animals and Eurydice all draw near to listen.

The SEO Rapper

I'm sitting around thinking about my next WordPress post, and I remember I meant to tell you about Chuck Lewis quite a while ago. He calls himself the SEO Rapper. He actually covers a few topics related to online life. I love it when people make educational material entertaining! Here's his goofy Design Coding Rap!