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Come and See the Peppermint Tree

Got an extremely rare download for you. This is an album that my sister, brother and I had when we were kids in the sixties. We had a kids’ turntable; must have been a Fisher-Price one, I think. We played this record to death!

The songs on this record go a way toward explaining my and my siblings’ sense of humor. Interspersing such things as sliding down rainbows, talking critters, and elves with everyday experiences like finding a penny or playing on a swing, the story is partly sung in a wacky falsetto, partly narrated, partly evoked with quirky piano accompaniments that used more modernistic dissonant touches than I’ve ever heard in kids’ music, then or since. The whole thing had an edge…so sincerely, enthusiastically silly it verged on weird and nutty.

Rescuing old vinyl

Hi all, it’s been a long while. Just wanted to let you know I’m working on a project cleaning up rips from a couple of beloved old childhood LPs. I’m using Audacity, the free audio editor. It has a horrendously ugly and unintuitive user interface but it can do a few useful things, like attempt… Read more »