Meet Donald McKayle and Remy Charlip

Fans of the Peppermint Tree and Sometime Anytime albums, it is my pleasure to introduce to you two of their creators. Donald McKayle is the singer on both albums, and Remy Charlip painted the cover art for Sometime Anytime.

I hope you are as thrilled as I am that Donald’s daughter, Gaby McKayle, got in touch. She very kindly shared some information about her father and the artists he collaborated with on these albums.

I was surprised and intrigued to learn that the connection between these men, as well as Evelyn Lohoefer, the composer and pianist, and Claire Mallardi, the musical advisor on Sometime Anytime, is dance! Remy Charlip (who also wrote and illustrated wonderful children’s books) is sadly no longer with us, but Donald, Remy and Claire all are (or were in Remy’s case) dancers and choreographers. Evelyn was a dance accompanist.

I am starting to realize that when a book or recording touches our lives, as important as it may be to us, it is only a tiny glimpse of the wonderful mind and life of the creator. The children’s albums these artists created, as fabulous as they are, are only small leaves on the tall flourishing trees of their creative minds, expressions and lives. I wonder if those trees are peppermint trees? Would you like more glimpses? Of course you would!

Meet Donald McKayle (although the man pictured below is not Donald!):

Meet Remy Charlip:

Remy Charlip’s website
Donald McKayle’s website

Many thanks to Gaby McKayle for her sharing so generously. Gaby, I am so grateful for your help in learning more about your father and some of the artists he worked with.

To Donald McKayle, if you read this, you touched my childhood with wonder, beauty, and laughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  1. Judith Hance

    Jessi, a church friend who also appreciates Remy Charlie posted this on Facebook!
    I hadn’t seen all of this content before.
    I have now subscribed to your blog!



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