Peppermint Tree composer dies

I’ve just been informed by a kind visitor to this site that Evelyn D. Lohoefer De Boeck, composer and musician on the children’s LPs Come and See the Peppermint Tree and Sometime Anytime, has died. The Washington Post has published her obituary.

“I don’t know if children’s interest in the songs proves that I’m a child at heart,” Mrs. De Boeck told The Washington Post in 1960, “or that children’s capacity is greater than people realize. Everything is fresher to them and everything is possible.”

The obituary also includes some interesting remarks from the autobiography (prohibitively expensive, unfortunately) of Donald McKayle, the singer she worked with on these albums.

Evelyn D. Lohoefer De Boeck

What a very gifted woman, and how lucky for us that she found a way to share her gifts.

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