Folk Songs for Little Sailors

Another of the Hance childhood favorites from the rare Riverside Wonderland series, this is a compilation of sea chanteys sung and played by folk professionals. Oscar Brand stands out as a performer.

Take a listen:

Oscar Brand sings Bunch of Roses

Download Folk Songs for Little Sailors (89.2MB zip file)

LP jacket for Folk Songs for Little SailorsFolk Songs for Little Sailors
Riverside Wonderland RLP 1424


Sail Away, Sail Away – Bob Gibson
The Walloping Windowblind – Oscar Brand
The Bold Fisherman – Oscar Brand
High Barbary – Billy Faier
The Sailor’s Hornpipe – Billy Faier
The Fishes Song – Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
The Golden Vanitee – Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl
Two Little Boats I Spy – Louise DeCormier
The Mermaid – John Runge
The Flying Dutchman – Dean Gitter
Belfast Hornpipe – Margaret Barry
Sir Patrick Spens – Ed McCurdy
Bunch Of Roses – Oscar Brand
Midnight On The Ocean – Oscar Brand
Sailing Along And Singing – The Renaissance Chorus

7 Responses to “Folk Songs for Little Sailors”

  1. Jay Ansell

    Thank you so much. My original record has been played so often it’s in rough shape. You have given me back a wonderful joy. Thank you.


    Thank you for posting this! This was a beloved album from my childhood back in the 60’s. I still have the vinyl stashed away somewhere, and have also made a digital copy for myself (with all of the flaws).

  3. Tom Michl

    Is bunch of Rose’s a genuine shanty? Probably not. Anyone know who wrote it? Our album is well worn and I’ve always wondered. Thanks for making this digital.


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