13 free tracks from 2009

The biggest musical revelation of 2009!

I’ve been trying to tell anyone who will listen about the Free Music Archive, where the music is legitimately free and good. Don’t take my word for it. Try listening to this sampling of some favorites of mine. If you like a particular track, click the little i for more info, or the arrow to download:

If I had to pick my favorite of these favorites, it would be a tough call but it’d have to be Selva de Mar. Their album Olas Invisibles is a winner. Go ahead! Click on the album cover to download it now! And happy new year to you!

Olas Invisibles by Selva de Mar

4 Responses to “13 free tracks from 2009”

  1. ilithya

    ohh this Selva de Mar sounds hypnotized….
    i really like their album artwork..reminds me a bit the whole environment in the movie “Eyes wide shut”

    • Jessi

      I dislike Tom Cruise and don’t care about Nicole Kidman…I think even the best of friends can like completely different movies and this is an example! :)