Meet Ratty

Home is where you hang your string.

Home is where you hang your string.

By popular demand: Ratty, Rattikins, Rattley, Ratify, Rattipuss, Kitty-O, Pusspuss.

And now, I give you the great and dignified Sir Rattus Catus.

6 Responses to “Meet Ratty”

  1. amy

    I love Ratty! Thanks for posting the photos with the wonderful captions.

  2. Mom

    He is adorable! I didn’t realize that he was physically challenged – I am so pleased and proud that you are giving him a home and family. Do you know when he was born? I suspect that he will become exceptionally smart as he figures out the ways of the world.
    My love to you both.

    • Jessi

      He’s quite smart already. When we’re having our daily romp with string, I always try and fake him out, but he never falls for it.

      My SPCA papers list his birthdate as sometime in December of 2007. He was hit by a car and had his right rear leg amputated last August.

  3. Jessi

    Annalee, I thought there was some connection there! He seems spiritual kin to Trufa, at any rate. I wonder how they’ll take to meeting in the flesh.