glow riding

bike glow lights

bike glow lights

I went cruising Saturday night. On my bike. My bike buddy and I had our glow lights on. We rolled through downtown a few times enjoying any attention we could get. A few people called out stuff like “Neon!” and “Cool lights, man!” We got some Las Palmas tacos to eat at the end of the pier, then rolled on back. It was so much fun I almost felt guilty. I couldn’t help thinking of parents parenting and students studying and various people WORKING while I was reverting to a giddy ten years old. I can’t wait to do it again!

My friend takes great photos with a nice camera, but it wasn’t dark enough to get a satisfactory shot. Maybe at the dark of the moon he can try. The pic above is from the glow lights website.

By the way, I almost forgot to mention that drivers gave us a wider berth than I’ve EVER gotten from drivers before. I guess when these lights have gotten popular enough, the drivers will get careless again, but for now, it felt like magic cycling protection.

In other bike news, I’m one step closer to getting my kitty on wheels. I got Scoonie’s old cat carrier (poor dear Scoonie was a traffic fatality last fall), lined it with a fresh towel, and placed a few treats inside. Ratty went right in and made himself at home. I closed the carrier door and carried him around outside for a few minutes, and he seemed to enjoy it. Now I need some rope to lash it to my bike rack.

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