gifts from my mother

For the upcoming Mother’s Day I’d like to appreciate some of the many gifts my mother has given me.
heart music photo by David Drexlerheart music, a photo by David Drexler

Gift #1: My mother told me very young that every person on earth matters and is just as important as everyone else. This perspective struck a deep chord in me, and I’ve tried to hold on to it my entire life. How simultaneously subversive and utterly logical it is. It’s not always easy to put into practice, but that’s another story.

Gift #2: She has always loved me, and she let me know it, too. Even when she was upset with me, I’ve never doubted, ever, that she loved me. I know that I am loved.

Gift #3: She taught me to enjoy music. When I was little, we were lucky to have musical instruments and records, but those wouldn’t have mattered as much without her example. She currently sings in three or four choirs—I forget exactly—singing makes her happy. And music makes me happy too.

Thank you, Mama!

What do *you* appreciate about your mom?

3 Responses to “gifts from my mother”

  1. Tapati

    Books! Science fiction books! My mom passed on her love of reading.

    Vocabulary–Mom talked to me like an adult at a very young age and expanded my vocabulary.

    Punctuality–Mom was always slightly early. I’m rarely late for anything as a result.

    Basic values–Mom taught me to follow laws and generally imparted the ethics of Midwestern life. When I see people stealing and lying and so on I’m glad I learned the basics. :)

    Love–Mom made it clear that she loved me, even if she was sometimes dealing with mental illness and unable to do the work of caring for me. It was something she didn’t get from her mom that she wanted me to have for sure.

    Education–Mom paved the way to being a re-entry student, so that later on I knew it was something I could do too.

    Cooking–Mom was a creative cook and always looked for new things to try. That inspired me to do the same.

  2. Tapati

    Oh…and gardening. Mom was always growing flowers in whatever little space we had. Grandma and Grandpa always grew veggies. It’s in our farmer blood, I guess. :)

    • Jessi

      Tapati, thanks for sharing these appreciations! My mom got me into science fiction too. When I think about all my mom has given me and done for me, it’s overwhelming. It’s helpful to focus on some specifics.

      About family farming, my Grammie grew up on a farm. My closest connection to farming is the farmers’ market. I haven’t even gardened in a while. I feel guilty about using the water! I know that’s silly.

      Have you seen the movie The Real Dirt on Farmer John? I think you’d enjoy it.