earth day walk

I used earth day as an excuse to get up early and walk to work, instead of cycling. I noticed a huge lot full of wildflowers on the corner of Market and Water. Anyone notice that corner’s full of borage and poppies? For those who don’t know what borage is:

Creative Commons License photo credit: gardengrrrl

The little starry blossoms are edible. Grasp one by the pistils and pull till it pops off. Toss in a salad, or just munch it right away and savor the drop of sweet, slightly cucumbery nectar inside.

Plant borage in your yard or garden, and it will take care of itself and propagate. Its fuzzy little purple stem hairs will glisten in the sun.

Walking playlist

Well the Ancient Egyptians, and the other Africans
The Mayans, the Incas, and all the Polynesians
All around the world, a long long time ago
People would walk, where ever they had to go.

…I’ve tossed together some songs referring to walking.

Download my walking playlist!

As with all my compilations, it’s a grab-bag of artists and styles. In alphabetical order:

Camel Walk – The Ikettes
Cissy Strut – The Meters
Daddy Went Walkin’ – Neil Young
Dap Walk – Ernie & The Top Notes Inc.
Lambeth Walk – Django Reinhardt
Mango Walk – In-Crowd
My Walkin’ Shoes – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Night Walk – Willie Bobo
The Ancient Egyptians – Poi Dog Pondering
The Voodoo Walk – Ray Davies
Two Little Feet – Greg Brown
Walk & Talk – The Velvet Underground
Walk on – Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Walk Right In – Corey Harris & Guy Davis & Cassie Taylor
Walkin’ Cane – The Knitters
Walkin’ Daddy – Greg Brown
Walkin’ the Dog – The Sonics
Walking Distance – Buzzcocks
Walking Song – Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Walking the Dog – Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole
Walking Through Nevada – Mark Olson & The Creekdippers
Walking Through Your Town in the Snow – Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin
Walking to Waza – Manu Dibango
We Are Walking Slowly – The Sheds

2 Responses to “earth day walk”

  1. ilithya

    isn’t nice to take a walk in the mornings when going somewhere?

    nowadays that’s exactly what i do everyday to go to school since i don’t have a bike yet, and i started to enjoyed it even more since the spring started.

    there’s something too about listening to music meanwhile i walk that is more relaxing rather when i bike… how ’bout u?

    saludos jessi!

    • Jessi

      Gracias Diana! Yes, I like going slow enough to pay more attention to flowers, animals, people…and music is much more enjoyable too. It helps that the wind is not whooshing past my ears!

      I hope your German spring is gorgeous! I just realized I have no idea what spring flowers bloom in Germany.

      Saludos Diana y a Alfredo tambien!