bike lights and musical time machines

Night Riders are on a roll! Check out this photo of me and McK from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Jessi and McK show off their BikeGlow lights

I may look middle-aged, but do you know, I feel about ten years old (in the best way) when I’m riding in the dark with colored flashing lights. Kind of like a trip in a time machine.

Just today, the Night Riders club membership has doubled. My friends A and L wrapped their BikeGlow lights today, and A’s partner M will wrap his soon, I’m sure.

Speaking of another kind of time machine, L has a project going: fixing up an old 78 phonograph that runs on tubes. I am looking forward to traveling in the musical time machine to hear whatever 78s he’s got.

McK also has a musical time machine going on over at his blog. He’s been posting pics of old punk shows, his buddies in X, and Lee Scratch Perry. Well worth a look!

And now, a free treat for your ears. Have you ever heard and appreciated Fela Kuti’s afrobeat? Then you’re gonna like Pax Nicholas, who was in Fela’s band. Courtesy of Voodoofunk Frank and Daptone Records, you can stream the entire album. You can also read why Fela Kuti said, “Don

One Response to “bike lights and musical time machines”

  1. ilithya

    go Night Riders go! ;)

    hey it’s a while I haven’t check out your blog jessi.

    u guys look really cool with your bike night lights!
    greetings to mckinley.