WordPress 2.7 and why it will rock

Which open-source CMS invites users to propose and vote on new features or kvetch; conducts usability testing; and offers the most customizable publishing interface yet?

OK, I admit, that’s a rhetorical question. You know it’s WordPress, of course! Version 2.7, to be specific. Watch the short trailer-style video below to learn about the new features. Which feature are you looking forward to the most?

2 Responses to “WordPress 2.7 and why it will rock”

  1. mike

    Gosh I wish Joomla’s backend was as pretty as this. If it had greater control over menuing and the sidebar without needing to know php it’d be perfect.

  2. Jessi

    From the beginning, the goal of Matt Mullenweg and his team was to create a publishing tool so easy, anyone can use it. They’re passionate about the user interface. And they’ve done a good job at harnessing the community’s thinking and energy to keep improving it.

    What needs to happen to get Joomla moving in the right direction? Or is it already heading there?

    I would like to see WordPress acquiring more Joomla-like capabilities, and Joomla becoming easier to use and more SEF, like WordPress. I hope they can inspire each other’s developers.