My tricked-out iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is awesome. Even better: customizing, of course. D’ya like my iPod wallpaper by Nikkie McClure?

Nikki McClure: InvestNow, let’s make our gadgets even more useful and fun. I’ve saved you time by collecting some of the best mobile Web apps for you.

Open this blog post on your iPhone/Touch and click on the Web app link you’re interested in.

When you find an app you like, save it to your iPhone/Touch, either as a bookmark or as an icon on your home screen.

Excellent mobile Web apps

Electronic faith healing?

By the way, about my earlier iPod complaints: Apple fixed my iPod Touch. Rather, they claimed they couldn’t reproduce the bad headphone jack problem, and shipped it back to me. Steve Jobs or Johnathan Ive must have waved their magic hands over it, though, ’cause it’s healed.