Sakura (cherry blossoms)

Westi loves springtime blossoms and I do too. Even more than the sight of pinky white clouds of cherry and plum blossoms, I love their scent. It’s one of a few flower smells that I’d love to stick my face in and breathe all day.

There’s a Japanese folksong about them. I couldn’t find one with vocals, but here’s a nice instrumental. It would sound more traditional on the koto (Japanese lute) but ukulele will do. I think of it as a quiet song, but Jake rocks out on his version:

Jake Shimabukuro: Sakura

Japan has a springtime custom called hanami, which means flower party. You picnic under the sakura. Perhaps for some, the picnic is an excuse to enjoy the flowers, and for some, the flowers are an excuse to enjoy food and socializing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kamoda