Good Internet radio stations

Thought I’d share some quality streaming radio stations with you. Just like real radio, there are good, bad and ugly stations. Moreover, online stations can come, go or change location frequently. It’s taken some doing to collect these. Skip to the end of this post for instructions on importing these stations into iTunes in one fell swoop.

Creative Commons License photo credit: PLCjr

Here’s the easiest way to get them into iTunes:

1. Download this text file: radio.txt

2. In the iTunes menu, choose File -> Import, and choose the file you just downloaded

3. Optional: Select Music in the source pane. In the menu, choose View -> View Options and select Date. Click on the Date tab to sort the newest items to the top. Now you can select all the radio stations you just imported and put them in their own playlist.

Please share your favorite net radio stations in the comments! I’m always on the lookout for good ones.