Dr. Dawn looks at chronic fatigue

When I tell people I have issues with fatigue, they usually ask me whether I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). No. I have long-term, chronic tiredness. I’m not on the same level as CFS sufferers, though, most of whom find it difficult or impossible to hold a job or lead a normal life.

There’s no wonder drug or treatment, yet, for CFS. But there is hope. It’s a fascinating frontier. This interview of a CFS researcher explores such intriguing matters as mitochondria, metabolic pathways, and the body’s ability to handle oxygen. It highlights – perhaps I should say hits you over the head with – the complex, intertwining nature of bodily processes.

Dr. Dawn Motyka interviews Dr. Paul Cheney on CFS (aired July 26, 2008)

Dr. Motyka is local to our area. She’s brilliant. I highly recommend her show, Ask Dr. Dawn.

For a different angle on the subject, here’s a song about myalgic encephalitis, which affects people similarly to CFS.

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