Bike/pedestrian rant for January ’08

What about not blocking the entire width of the crosswalk do drivers not understand? I barely escaped the Branciforte/Soquel intersection with my life. And if you, dear driver, ended up blocking it ’cause you didn’t realize that the heavy traffic was not going to magically speed up for you, then why didn’t you at least have the courtesy to let me squeeze through as I try to walk my bike across, instead of pulling up further to reduce my squeeze space? Do you want me to scrape against your car as I go through? ‘Cause I will if I have to!

And people who honk their effing horns for no good effing reason: Your horn has no magical powers to make every other vehicle and pedestrian on the road suddenly evaporate. Heavy traffic is heavy traffic. Deal with it like the rest of us.


angry face

Thanks for listening.