What would your 13-year-old self think?

Continuing the focus on my teen years, if my 13 year old self met me today she would:

…be very happy that I found a home in a town of congenial people, good music, and helpful healers
…be blown away by how much pain I shed in co-counseling, and how light my spirit is
…be sad that I still have fatigue problems, but impressed at how I’ve researched and managed them
…be aghast that I can’t eat even one bite of fruit
…feel smug that I achieved modest success without a college degree
…be disappointed I hadn’t figured out how to end war, cruelty and injustice
…adore my friends and coworkers
…be very surprised that I work and play with computers
…find it hard to believe that a job existed that matches my quirks so well
…wish I hiked more
…envy my musical knowledge and collection
…cry relieved and hopeful tears, seeing how contented I am

Thanks to Westi for the inspiration.

Photos later. I need to dig them out and get them scanned.

One Response to “What would your 13-year-old self think?”

  1. Westi

    Yay! What a wonderful response Jessi. I’m sure both she and the rest of us, would be/are jealous of your music collection (I know I am)!
    PS–We adore you too.