Tomatillos and cabbage for vitamins

Desperately wanting to get more vitamins into myself, especially A and C, I tried tomatillos in my slaw.

My favorite source of vitamin A and C is dandelion greens (actually they’re really chicory). They’re an amazing power-packed food, and I always count on them to alleviate my fatigue, but unfortunately I haven’t seen them in the store lately. Thus the desperation.

I just sliced tomatillos and red cabbage, put a bit of roasted-garlic mayo in (I get this at either New Leaf or Staff of Life, if I recall correctly), sprinkled it with lime juice and a dash of pepper, and mixed it up good.

The tongue-curling tartness of the tomatillos with the peppery sweetness of cabbage and the creamy mayo add up to a good dish of slaw. I don’t usually put mayo in my slaw but I figured the tomatillos needed a little mellowing.

I’ll improve on this dish next time by adding a little jicama or shredded carrot, and maybe some sunflower seeds.

I’m taking A+E supplements too; they seem to be alleviating the painfully-dry skin problem I’ve had lately, thank goodness.