The fisherman’s wife

There’s an old fairy tale about a poor woman whose husband rescued a magic flounder (actually an enchanted prince). The woman forced her husband to demand a reward from the flounder. The flounder granted her wish, but she wasn’t satisfied. She made a series of escalating demands. At first, she just wanted to be rich. Then she wanted to be a duchess, then a queen, and so on, until she demanded to be ruler of the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Finally, the flounder got fed up. He raised a storm and through its din, he shouted that the woman would have no more, as her greed and vanity were insatiable. He took back all the power and riches he had granted, and left her a poor fisherman’s wife once again.

When will we get fed up and raise a storm? Bush unilaterally declares the right to read your mail; wasn’t warrantless wiretapping enough? Why haven’t we impeached him already? Why haven’t we told him he can’t be ruler of the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars?

2 Responses to “The fisherman’s wife”

  1. mike

    But, if he can’t open my mail, how will we ever stop the terrorists?? Sheesh, I’m with you Jessibird! Throw him out!!

  2. Jessi

    Makes you wonder what the next signing statement will be. Maybe George will claim the right to raid our fridges at midnight. I don’t mind if he finds my top secret terrorist plans and explosives, but he better not take my roast beef sandwich!