My mom’s garden

My mom has a passion for gardening, and her Pacific Northwest garden is a beauty. The harmoniously varied shapes, colors, textures and arrangements reflect her deep artistic and natural sensibilities. I wish I were a less horrible photographer and could even begin to do justice to more than a small section of this eden.

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My Mom’s garden

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Buzz buzz! There’s a nationwide bee crisis, but you’d never know it in Mom’s garden.

buzz buzz

The owl is Mom’s special creature.

owl garden sculpture

Mom found this at a local nursery, and I gifted it to her.

Mom’s mosaic rock

More flowers:

yellow and pink flowers yellow flowers against shed yellow flowers closeup

Thanks for looking!

bird sculpture

2 Responses to “My mom’s garden”

  1. Westi

    What a beautiful garden! I’m always envious of lovely gardens with winding paths. I can just imagine sitting with a cup of tea under the tree, a nice book in hand. Doesn’t that sound nice?

  2. Jessi

    Westi, even doing yard work in this garden is a treat! And yes, there are winding paths I didn’t capture with the camera.

    Your vision sounds more than nice. I can easily imagine you there, too!