Music videos: Orchestra Baobab

Orchestra Baobab: Specialist in All StylesIf you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for West African music. Sometimes I like it hot, but I like it cool the best. Orchestra Baobab will chill you out through the heat wave.

This track is from their most recent album, Specialist in All Styles.

Orchestra Baobab: Bul Ma Miin

There are two videos below the fold. The first is an interesting slice of Senegalese city life; the second is a concert video. I’m undecided which I like best.

Amateur video: Dakar Streetlife (music by Orchestra Baobab)

Orchestra Baobab: On Verra Ça

The ratings are for both videos at once:


By the way, while looking for more information about Orchestra Baobab, I stumbled across the fantastic Afrofunk Music Forum. Great blog, check it out!